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With Double Dragon Arcade, you can control martial arts experts and brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee as they fight to rescue Billy’s girlfriend from shadow warriors. The game includes all of the original’s classic elements. You might have already known many of the classic versions of GBA Roms / games. But the newer versions have twists and turns that make your game more fascinating. Therefore, GBA games are still top-rated and are indeed worth your time.

With the charged weapons, then the action of slaying the vampires online from soccer games starts. Designed by Hideo Kojima and published by Konami, this game gives players a unique experience of tricks and adventure. The game is very advanced and comes with a solar system and an in-built clock. We all know that one of the most popular game series ever developed was Pokémon.


You shall find some of the most popular games since 2004 on the Romulation website! All you have to do is take a minute to sign up and you can download your favorite ROMs supported across various consoles. Nostalgia is a very powerful thing that makes you long for the good old days and bygone moments. They are reluctant to let go of the happy childhood moments and do their best to re-experience them in the 21st century, the age of mobile, virtual and augmented reality gaming. Some modern gamers find it hard to believe that retro games that were created almost 20 years still can be thrilling and captivating for many people. Some even argue that there is no place for retro gaming in the Digital Age.

  • Apart from that, you will find services like game screenshots, user ratings and user reviews as you visit the site.
  • In my mind, there was no doubt that it would always be a big part of my gaming lifestyle.
  • To do this, press the big yellow “Download Now” button on the main display of the ROM file’s page.

It’s still shocking just how good the GBA port of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 turned out. The GBA port used an inspired isometric perspective that really hid the limitations of the GBA hardware. THPS2 remains one of the best skateboarding games of all time, and it held its own and then some on Game Boy Advance. Final Fantasy Tactics Advancemight be the deepest game of the GBA era. A spinoff of the mainline series, Tactics Advance tasked players with assembling a clan of warriors to fight on grid-style battlefields in turn-based tactical combat.

Game Boy Advance Games

Other working names for mGBA included GBAc and Gerboa, but nothing else stuck. But as it stands no one who works on mGBA is an Android developer, which makes creating a quality port difficult. There have been several attempts towards making an Android version before, to varying degrees of success and quality, but none of these ports ever really got off the ground. Load up the homebrew channel with whatever exploit you installed.

For enhanced protection avoid downloading .exe files and also use a powerful security system. Yes, it is legal to download ROMs if you own a copy of the game that you are trying to download. However, it can be considered illegal if you have never owned the game. Moreover, unlike other sites that spread malware and infect PCs, Emuparadise is a legit and clean site for use.

@shoeses That would be super slick if they could do that! Not sure how much modification it would need for the ROM for that to happen if it is just data transfer/save editing. I would be so happy if just moving my pokemon from Gen 1-2 is as simple as clicking and dragging in Home. @phartsy I own a working SNES, yet found myself playing Super Mario World, LTTP, F-Zero and other games I still own to completion via NSO.

Pots make the same sound effect for shattering even if they fall down a pit, unlike in the original game. The icons that display at the top of the screen have been adjusted to compensate for the smaller screen size. Fire breathed by Kodongos can no longer be seen in the darkness.

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